Is anxiety holding you back from leading a fulfilling life?

You can picture the life you want to live, but you can’t seem to get there. Some days just getting out of bed to face the world is overwhelming. Once you wake up you know you’ll have to face the day, but you just feel exhausted. You wish you could “turn off” your brain for a while and rest. It feels like your mind is a tangle of thoughts. As your mind is going a mile a minute, there are times when you don’t even know what you’re worried about.

Anxiety, paralyzing fear, and constant worry are holding you back

Perhaps you used to be more carefree. You used to go out into the world and live your life without constant worries nagging you. You might not even recognize the person you are now. The simplest tasks have become mountains that feel impossible to climb. Or perhaps you’ve been living with these struggles for as long as you can remember. You feel trapped by your thoughts and fears. In moments of frustration you feel weak and helpless.

Nothing seems to work

You’ve tried to keep everything under control, but now you notice your anxiety bleeding into other areas of your life. You realize that anxiety has started to impact your:

  • Relationships with loved ones
  • Ability to parent
  • Self-esteem
  • Work/school performance
  • Concentration
  • Motivation
  • Physical health

Maybe you’ve already tried to figure out how to make things better. Everything you try seems to fail. Or maybe you have no idea where to start. As you try to push through, success feels farther and farther away. Frustrated, you wonder:

  • Why am I having such a hard time?
  • I used to be able to do these things. Why are even the simplest tasks so difficult?
  • Other people don’t seem to struggle with this. Why am I the only one?
  • How can I shake this feeling off? Nothing seems to work.
  • Will things always be this way?

There is hope for relief

Anxiety can feel overwhelming, but there is hope. Anxiety is something that can be managed with the right tools and techniques. When it comes to tackling anxieties, worries, and fear, it’s important to first understand the signs and symptoms. From there, you can find coping skills that are tailored to fit your needs and lifestyle. Our approach to treating anxiety involves:

  1. An understanding of the symptoms you’re experiencing.
  2. Exploring possible causes and triggers.
  3. Understanding your needs and lifestyle.
  4. Finding and using coping skills to make the anxiety more manageable.

Did you know that many people who experience anxiety don’t know exactly what it is until they speak to a mental health professional? The signs of anxiety can be confusing and are often labeled as stress, needless worry, or emotional instability. The indicators of anxiety can also be mistaken for mysterious symptoms* without a cause, such as stomach aches, trouble concentrating, and issues with sleep. The truth is that anxiety manifests itself in different ways and does not feel the same for everyone.

If you’re ready to regain control over your life, contact us.

*We recommend attending a check-up with your primary care doctor to find out if there are underlying conditions or illnesses impacting your mental and physical health.