Online Therapy in New Jersey

Do you live or work in New Jersey?
Are you looking for convenient and reliable counseling?

Perhaps you want to start counseling but don’t have time to add another commute. Maybe you’re interested in attending individual or couples therapy, but only from the comfort of your home.

You want high quality, specialized counseling services from qualified professionals, but you also need therapy that fits with your lifestyle. We understand. Online counseling services at Mindful Connections Counseling may be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Benefits of Online Counseling

We know that traffic in New Jersey is an ongoing problem. Attending an appointment in person means sitting in traffic on the Garden State Parkway, Turnpike, or 287. Instead of battling the commute, consider clicking a few buttons to get connected to quality therapy on a secure platform.

Online Counseling Saves Time And Energy

Therapy means putting aside time to commute to, and attend, your counseling appointment. Even if your commute to therapy is only 20 minutes, consider this: each counseling session is 45-50 minutes long. When you add a 20 minute commute (each way), you’ve now spent 90 minutes away from home, work, or family.

Clients who use online therapy, on the other hand, are able to fit counseling into their day without losing hours of their time. Some folks prefer to attend their therapy appointment during the day, such as during their lunch hour. You can also log into therapy right after your work day ends, without having to consider time for travel.

Online Therapy No Matter the Circumstances

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, you might be working a hybrid work schedule. This means a different location every day, which can change on a weekly basis. Perhaps you don’t have access to convenient transportation, which is a common barrier for people in New Jersey. Or maybe we’ve been hit with a rain or snow storm, making travel conditions unsafe. Don’t let these circumstances stop you or your loved ones from getting the help you need.

Online Counseling For Couples Therapy in New Jersey

If you’re seeking couples therapy, scheduling is complicated and overwhelming. It’s difficult for couples to put aside time away from work, home responsibilities, and child care. Online couples counseling can solve this problem. You can be at home with your partner or in separate locations. That’s right–you and your partner can log into your session even if you’re in different places in New Jersey!

Online Therapy for Teens in New Jersey

If your child is resistant to attending therapy, online therapy can be an easier way to get started. Many children and teens feel most comfortable at home, rather than going to a stranger’s office. They often enjoy showing their therapist their room decorations, hobbies, or pets. This can help them open up and engage with the counselor, which increases changes of success in therapy.

Online Counseling for Anxiety in New Jersey

Coping with anxiety can be a barrier in and of itself when seeking treatment. Anxiety is sometimes triggered by leaving your home, driving, or being in person around others. If you’re dealing with anxiety and stress, you’re already carrying a heavy load every day. For some people with anxiety, leaving the house to attend an appointment requires immense energy. You might not know where to find this energy, but you know you need change. Online therapy for anxiety means getting the help you need without adding extra barriers.

Is Online Therapy Effective?

Perhaps you like the sound of online counseling, but you’re not sure it’s effective. You might not know who to trust to answer this question. So let’s look at the science: studies1,2 from recent years have compared the effectiveness in person therapy and online counseling. The results are consistent: there is no significant difference in outcomes when comparing therapy online versus in person.

Begin Online Counseling in New Jersey with Mindful Connections Counseling

An initial phone consultation with one of our compassionate team members is complementary. To get started, contact us through our website, email or phone number. We will get back to you within 1 business day (excluding holidays) to talk more about how we can help. This initial phone consultation includes telling us about what you’ve been struggling with, or what you hope to achieve. Our team members will then match you with one of our online New Jersey therapists.

In Person Therapy at Mindful Connections Counseling

If you prefer to meet your therapist in person, we get it. Whether your eyes are strained from computer use or you just need a reason to get out of the house, all are welcome at our office in Metuchen, New Jersey (by appointment only). This location is easily accessible by car, train, or bus. We are conveniently located steps away from the Metuchen train station, in addition to being easily accessible from the Garden State Parkway, Turnpike, Route 287, and Route 1.

Contact us today to get started.

1 Andrews, G., Basu, A., Cuijpers, P., Craske, M. G., McEvoy, P., English, C. L., & Newby, J. M. (2018). Computer therapy for the anxiety and depression disorders is effective, acceptable and practical health care: An updated meta-analysis. Journal of Anxiety Disorders, 55, 70–78.
2 Novella, J. K., Ng, K.-M., & Samuolis, J. (2020). A comparison of online and in-person counseling outcomes using solution-focused brief therapy for college students with anxiety. Journal of American College Health, 70(4), 1161–1168.