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Therapy in New Jersey for couples, children, teens, families, and individuals

Team of therapists at Mindful Connections Counseling. Are you looking for in person therapy in Metuchen, NJ? Contact us today to get started.

Are you considering therapy in New Jersey?

We are New Jersey therapists who work with couples, children, teens, families, and individuals. We help you improve the relationship with yourself and others so that everyone can feel understood and appreciated. You want a more fulfilling life with healthy relationships, and therapy can help.

We provide the following therapies:

Couples Therapy

Child Therapy

Teen Therapy

Family Therapy

Parent Coaching

We specialize in the following areas:


Trauma Therapy

Grief Counseling

Disordered Eating

Mind-Body Wellness

Cannabis-Informed Psychotherapy

Team of therapists at Mindful Connections Counseling. Are you looking for couples therapy in Metuchen, NJ? Contact us today to learn more.

Affirming New Jersey Therapists

As affirming therapists, we believe in racial and social justice for all.

Four people facing the sunset with their arms around each other. Are you trying to find harmony in your relationships? Counseling with a New Jersey relationship therapist could be just what you need. Call now and see how therapy in Metuchen, NJ can support your relationships.

Therapy In New Jersey can help

We can help you find healing & harmony in your relationship with yourself & others.

If you’re struggling with relationship issues or other life struggles, we want to help. As New Jersey therapists, we focus on individual and family wellness. Couples and families can learn communication techniques and new ways of connecting. Parents and children can find ways to navigate life’s toughest issues. Individuals can find coping skills that improve their daily functioning.

We know that starting something new isn’t easy. Remember that even small changes can nurture and transform your relationships, including the relationship you have with yourself. This is how you can begin to build a more fulfilling life.

Therapy at our Metuchen, NJ counseling practice, or online therapy in New Jersey, is easy to access. To get started with therapy:

  1. Read our FAQs about therapy.
  2. Fill out a request form on our contact page to schedule a therapy appointment.
  3. One of our compassionate team members will contact you within 1 business day (excluding holidays) for a phone consultation. The initial phone consultation is complimentary and helps us learn more about how we can help.
  4. During the initial phone consultation, our compassionate team member will ask about what you’ve been struggling with, or what you hope to achieve in therapy. We will share information about each of our therapists, including their specialties and availability.
  5. If we’re a good fit for your needs, we match you with one of our in person or online New Jersey therapists. If either of us feel we are not the right fit, we can provide the names of other providers who may be able to help.