Couples Therapy

When it comes to your romantic relationship, do you feel frustrated, uncertain, or stuck? 

You feel like you’ve tried just about everything to make things better. After each attempt to patch things up, you end up feeling more hopeless. The ongoing tension is exhausting. One or both of you may be feeling unconfident about the future of your relationship. 

The relationship that used to give you butterflies now feels like a pit in your stomach 

Repetitive and ongoing arguments have become the norm. Between shutting down and blowing up, you can’t figure out a way to stop fighting. You know that this relationship feels dysfunctional, but you don’t know what to do about it. 

Perhaps you can’t find the passion in your relationship that once existed. Most nights you feel like roommates rather than partners. You’re overwhelmed with life’s demands and can’t figure out a way to really connect. In the fast-paced New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut area, this leaves you feeling as though there is no time or energy to work on your relationship. We’re here to help with that.

Changes start with understanding what is, and is not, working

Our therapists help you explore your relationship patterns, both past and present. You will have the opportunity to feel heard, learn communication techniques, and reach a new level of understanding with your partner.

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As relationship therapists, we also work with couples who are considering, experiencing, or adjusting to separation and divorce. Whether you’re healing from the wounds from your relationship and/or trying to co-parent peacefully, we’re here to guide you during this difficult time.

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