Premarital Check-In: Ask These Questions Before Saying “I Do”

Photo by Denny Müller So you’re considering marriage – yay! This time in your life is so exciting but can also feel scary. How you feel about marriage is largely impacted by your life experiences as well as the experiences of your family and friends. Perhaps you’ve witnessed nasty divorces you want to avoid at allContinue reading “Premarital Check-In: Ask These Questions Before Saying “I Do””

Why Do I Have Anxiety?

If you’re enduring chronic anxiety, you’re probably asking yourself, “Why is this happening to me?” While anxiety is more common than you think, the unfortunate stigma around mental health has discouraged multitudes of diverse sufferers from talking about it or seeking treatment. This leaves you feeling as if you’re the only person fighting this battle.Continue reading “Why Do I Have Anxiety?”