Individual Therapy

What you're thinking

Fear not; therapy with Lauren is not lying on a couch while the therapist listens in silence.

Whether you’re a therapy first-timer or are interested in re-starting therapy, MCC can help you work through your challenges. Common reasons for individuals seeking therapy with MCC include (but are not limited to):
·Life changes
·Parenting stress
·Lack of motivation
·Low self-esteem
·Career/job challenges
·Feeling lost or stuck
The approaches used in individual therapy are tailored to your specific needs. Therapy is a collaborative experience, where client and therapist work together to create change. First, it is important to create a safe, non-judgmental space for therapy. After creating goals for therapy, clients can expect to gain new insights and learn coping skills.
Therapy with Lauren does not have to be a somber experience. When possible, we can incorporate humor and lightheartedness into our sessions. Therapy with Lauren is also strength-based, meaning we focus on your strengths as well as areas of growth.
To learn more about individual therapy services, contact me.